Who We Are

ADM RISK BROKERS ASSOCIATED is the name group of those companies:

• ADM RISK Seguros Corporativos is an Insurance consultant and risk Management company focusing on Corporate Solutions in Financial Lines.

• DALCONTEC is a consultant company focus on risk inspection for property.

• CARDILLO CORRETORA is specialized in general lines insurance focus on benefits as: Health and life insurance, Pension, Liabilities, for individual people and for companies according to the needs.

Together we have more than 30 years of experience in the market, offering a differentiated service for your business and for you, with an agile team focused on customer service.



Global Network

Partners in USA and Europe

Technical Consulting

Specialized Team

Taylor Made Solutions


Reports & Market Info

Products Line

• Credit Insurance
  Domestic Credit Insurance – Local and World Program
  Export Credit Insurance – Local and World Program

• Political Risk Insurance
  Confiscation, Expropriation & Nationalization (CEN)
  Political Violence (PV)
  Currency Inconvertibility and Non-Transfer Risk (CI)
  Arbitration Award Coverage
  Forced Abandonment
  Business Interruption
    - How Can Political Risk Affect Companies?
      • Companies selling overseas:
        Late or non-payment of receivable by customer due to political event
        Political violence which prevents or delays the performance of the Contract in whole or in part
        Inability to complete a sale due to import / export restrictions, license cancellation or embargo
        Supplier failure to reimburse advance payments
    • Companies investing overseas:
      Loss of company equity due expropriation
      Loss of company assets due to damage caused by political violence
      Loss of income following damage to assets & extra expenses incurred to get assets up and running
      Loss of dividends payable from local subsidiaries to HQ due to currency controls

• E&O – Error & Omission

• D&O- Directors & Officers

• Surety – all modalities

• Property & Casualty